Mono crystalline Solar Panels

These types of Solar panels employs single crystalline solar cell and are having high performance & excellent level of efficiency. These solar cells are made from cylindrical silicon ingot, grown from a single crystal of silicon of high purity. Monocrystalline solar cells are having longevity up to 30 years.

To increase the utility of solar panels to its maximum, the wafers are wire cut to octagonal shaped wafer having unique looks and uniform color.

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Poly crystalline Solar Panels Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Multi Crystalline  or  Poly Crystalline Solar panels are those employs multiple crystals of silicon in a single photo voltaic cell. Multiple number of silicon fragments are melted together to form poly crystalline solar panel wafers.

As it employs multiple silicon crystals in each cell, poly crystalline solar panels allows little movement of electrons inside the solar cells. The surface of such panels are seems to be like mosaic. These kind of solar panels are cheap, efficient and long lasting solar panels.

20 Watts 12v Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Efficiency of Solar Panels in UAE

United Arab Emirates is covered by Desert, the availability of sun light is not a matter for discussion. But all the sunlight that falls on the photovoltaic cell is not converted to electricity. The efficiency of solar panel is the percentage of energy from sunlight that is converted to electricity.

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Solar Energy is one of the most successful Renewable source of  energy as most of the area are covered by desert. Solar systems in UAE is the most effective power sources in remote areas where grid electricity is not accessible. While going for a Solar system number of matters you may have to know, which will guide you to the best Solar energy supplier in UAE. While choosing s solar product supplier, many of the aspects should be sorted out. Emarati Solar is one of the leading Solar product supplier in UAE. We facilitate the customers to buy solar products and systems online and get delivered to their destination all over the UAE.

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